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~Beginning October 29, 2014 all RSU service fees that used to be posted to sub-code 2999 will be changed to sub-code 2991, to accommodate the new Workday change over.

~If you receive a New York State Department of Health license renewal invoice, please forward to Stephanie White, Radiation Safety, Box HPH. Do not pay the invoice. Radiation Safety handles the payment of these renewals.


The Radiation Safety Unit provides a safe radiological environment through compliance with University and State regulations, education, risk management and controlling the associate environment. We accomplish this through excellence in customer service and professionalism.


We will be the leading provider of radiation protection services through continual process improvement.


The Radiation Safety Unit is responsible for all activities dealing with radioactive material and radiation producing equipment. Services provided include, but are not limited to: monitoring laboratories for safe use of radioisotopes, inspecting radiation producing equipment, ordering radioactive materials for the University community and arranging for disposal of these materials.

Services Offered

  • ~ Training
  • ~ Surveys & inspections
  • ~ Radioactive materials approvals
  • ~ Isotope ordering
  • ~ Receipt, inventory, monitoring, transfer and delivery of radioactive shipments on campus
  • ~ Radiation exposure monitoring -dosimetry & bioassays
  • ~ Contamination monitoring
  • ~ Shielding assessments
  • ~ Calibration of both internal & external radiation equipment
  • ~ Exposure assessment & tracking
  • ~ Incident & spill response
  • ~ Leak testing of sealed sources
  • ~ Decommissioning laboratories
  • ~ Dry Waste pick up


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